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Are you a fashion, jewelry or hair designer in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown, Akron or Columbus? Are you still trying to figure out how to get your name and brand out there to the right people, because you’re not going anywhere? After 20 years of being in this business, we know that designers don’t have the time to market and monetize their brand, while still being creative. So most resort to social media to promote themselves and try to make sales. If it was that easy, we would all be millionaires. 
 So how do the successful brands that we know and buy from do it? Of course they use social media, but that is only a part of their machine. The name brands (as they are referred to), have a well calibrated team of moving parts to move and grow their brands that operate as businesses.
 What if you as a designer could become part of a team that would help move your brand forward, allowing you to just focus on creating?
 Search no more. Designers…Unite! is just such a platform from ONE FASHION PLACE to help market and provide sales support for designers. Designers will be showcased in our print and digital publications, which will include video and other promotional products.
  The ellipsis (3 dots) between the words Designers and Unite, is all-inclusive of the many types of designers that are in their respective areas of talent and expertise. Our platform has a full roster of resources…we have magazines, websites, radio & TV broadcast partners, social media, models, photo- graphers, MUA’s and all that you need to strategically exposure your brand. Now all we need is you!
 Designers…Unite! has officially launched in the cities mentioned, with others to quickly follow, along with other categories of designers to be added. Registration is free! To register just email your name, design talent, contact info and a link of your work to Our team will be in contact with you, designers unite. - OFP


























This four-piece ensemble plays smooth and jazzy  covers and originals. With musical integrity, nuance, and dynamics, they entertain while performing a 
variety of styles and genres.
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(Luxury Watches)

The virgin white French cuff dress shirt, the classic gold cuff link and the luxury fine watch.  These are a few of the elements of a well-dressed gentleman.  There was a time when women would look at a man's shoes and his timepiece to determine his status and attention to detail.  This would indicate that he was financially prospering, appreciated nice things and would shower her with nice gifts given the opportunity.  Likewise his attention to detail meant that he would pay attention to his greatest jewel, her.

The question however is, 'with the passing of time (no pun intended), has the way of the fine timepiece gone out of style, to be replaced by the smartphone?'


Unfortunately, especially with Generation Y, this is true.  They see no need to have something strapped to their wrist that only tells the time and date, with no connection to the Internet, to them it's cumbersome and corny.

You say it's not true, ask a 16-25 year old if they have the time...out comes the smartphone.  The traditional pulling back the sleeve, or raising of the arm to reveal wrist wear has become a lost gesture among many.

To the rescue of this element of style are men and women who are fashionistas, execs, or otherwise high-rollers and those who just appreciate the classic sophistication and elegance of a nice timepiece.

So what's available to this group of those who would like to embrace their wrist wear side?  There are a few different categories, sports watches, casual watches, fine dress/luxury watches, divers watches and of course collectibles.  Some of these are one in the same or cross-bred to accommodate more than one look, while still having a higher-end look and price point.

Some of the most popular brands (in no particular order) include Invicta (shown), Rolex, Ulysse Nardin, MontBlanc, Breitling, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe, Swiss Legend, Omega and Bvlgari just to name a few.

The price points range from basic luxury watches (under $1500), to fine luxury Watches (under $4000), to ultra luxury watches (usually $10,000 and up).

Of course what largely determines the cost of your watch is the movement, design, detail, where it was manufactured and the quality of the metal, gems and other materials.

There is much to learn and appreciate to be a true watch connoisseur, so we would recommend starting out as an apprentice, under $500.  Not just because of the money, but more importantly to learn what you like, the size, weight, band type, color, etc.  There are so many things to appreciate that would denote your personality in your timepiece. Everyone should own at least one luxury watch for those special occasions.  The hook is once you have one...well, you know how that goes.

So explore and enjoy...and the next time someone asks you for the time, take pride in raising your wrist to the occasion. - OFP




  Out of the shadows of a vibrant fashion scene that thrived a few decades ago, fashion in Pittsburgh is officially back!

  Upon our arrival to Pittsburgh about ten years ago, there was not much electricity or spark when it came to the fashion community. There was a presence from recognized former models and people of fashion that included Debbie Norrell, Michelle Goodman, Bill Neal and others that were still bearing fashion fruitage.  The Talent Agencies of trade in town were The Talent Group and Docherty.

  The New Pittsburgh Courier regularly covered the Ebony Fashion Show along with other events that included fashion.  The Pittsburgh CityPaper and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review had fashion supplements, LaMont Jones Jr. was the fashion editor at the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette and Demeatria Boccella had an awesome ethnic show each year with Fashion Africana.

  That was all that was on our radar ten years ago. Two years later, about 2005, Emage Models expanded here from Cleveland integrating into the community the spark of modeling as an option and opportunity.  In 2008 ONE FASHION PLACE was launched...and now in 2012 the fashion scene in Pittsburgh has fully arrived.    
  Some of the fashion notables in Pittsburgh on our radar now (in addition to the names previously dropped) include Myoshi Anderson, Michele Alexander, Terri Berceli and Wadria Taylor, to name a few.  And this list will grow in the next six months.

  Print publications on our radar that have risen in fashion include
Maniac Magazine, Whirl Magazine, Soul Pitt Quarterly, Pittsburgh Magazine and we can't forget Brotha Ash Productions, Ashley G. Woodson covers Pittsburgh-at-large.

  Now the floodgates of fashion are open.  Within the past five years or so with the advent of Pittsburgh Fashion Week, Pittsburgh Fashion's Nite Out, Willie Gee's Annual Fashion Show, Gwen's Girl's Annual Fashion Fundraiser, the Pittsburgh Steelers Annual Fashion Fundraisers (two), church fashion fundraisers, Battle of the Designers, and the many Church Fundraisers, there is a fashion event almost every weekend in Pittsburgh.

  However remember folks, designs come from designers, thus of honorable mention are a few local designers who have stepped out to stake their claim namely, Kiya Tomlin, Jazmin Jackson (JAZMEEN), Desiree Parker (Laced Apparel), Armani Dolby (Armani Nejor Designs), Dawn Redman, and Malcolm Williams (Willie Gee's Collections).

  So what's so big about fashion being vibrant in any City, or case in point Pittsburgh?  Fashion is one of those industries that connects, attracts, creates and builds.  Much like the bridal industry, which is sometimes looked at as a piece of the fashion industry pie, many businesses vend to feed it.  Within the fashion realm you need textile/fabric manufacturers, hair stylists, makeup artists, shoes, fragrance designers, jewelers, accessories galore, and the list goes on.  It generates merchandising to support the local economy.  Fashion attracts everyone, why?  Because in part, everyone wears clothing and why not feel good about yourself in the process by being fashionable and stylish when the occasion calls for it. Lastly, fashion encourages and supports creativity while creating and building entrepreneurs in the fashion realm, the City wins again.

  So as the crowd cheers, Go Steelers...we add Go Fashionistas!  And we look forward to the future of fashion in Pittsburgh.
(Top Design by Lana Neumeyer, Bottom Design from Willie Gee's Collections - Photos by Emage)
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